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How the BusPatrol Safety Program is Different from Traditional Enforcement

At BusPatrol, we like to do things differently. When we first embarked on our mission to make school buses safer for students everywhere, we quickly realized that it would be impossible with the same approach as traditional traffic enforcement programs. To make the journey to and from school safer for children, we knew we had create a model to facilitate technology adoption; one that was built with child safety at the core. We would have to think bigger, innovate, and harness technology in a way that had never been done before.

Today we are proud to offer school districts and municipalities a school bus stop-arm safety program capable of modernizing every single school bus across a fleet with no capital outlay required from our partners or taxpayers.

Our safety program goes beyond stop-arm enforcement. We educate communities, change driver behavior, and give school districts the tools and the data they need to make better, smarter, safer decisions.

Read on to find out how the BusPatrol safety program is different from traditional traffic enforcement programs.

BusPatrol Improves Safety for EVERY STUDENT 

There are more than 26 million children who ride the school bus to and from school every day in the US. We believe that every one of these student riders deserves to be safeguarded.

Due to limited funding, school districts that take a do-it-yourself approach to stop-arm enforcement often have to decide which school buses or routes to prioritize. Most traditional traffic enforcement programs take a similar approach and only equip routes or buses that see the most violations. As high population density areas often experience more stop-arm violations, this can result in disparities between adoption of pupil transportation safety technology across urban and rural communities.

BusPatrol’s School Bus Safety Program provides equitable access to technology for all students in all communities we serve. We believe that our safety first philosophy is the only way to ensure that every child is safeguarded by our programs.

Unlike Some Traditional Traffic Enforcement Programs, BusPatrol is a Zero Cost Solution

When school officials decide to address the illegal passing of school buses in their communities, technology and stop-arm program management expenses are often a major concern and hurdle for adoption. BusPatrol helps remove financial barriers for school executives to launch their own seamless enforcement programs. Student transportation departments no longer have to choose between safety and efficiency (balance sheets).

BusPatrol’s safety program comes at zero cost to schools, municipalities, or taxpayers. The program is entirely violator-funded. This means that the drivers that carelessly pass stopped school buses and put your children’s lives at risk are the ones that pay for better enforcement solutions.

BusPatrol Empowers Schools to Act Proactively not Reactively

School districts that partner with BusPatrol have access to tools and insights about their fleets to make proactive data-driven decisions. Improve route planning, route execution and route enforcement with advanced analytics and data.

How? BusPatrol empowers school districts with access to data dashboards so that operators can see where and when students are most at risk. Some partners have leveraged this information to modify route plans or to request physical police presence at particularly dangerous stops.

Moreover, BusPatrol offers its partners a suite of safety technology program add-ons from industry-leaders like Samsung, AT&T, FirstNet, Zonar,  BusPlanner and Transfinder. These integrated solutions provide student transportation officials with even more tools and aggregated data to improve safety, security and efficiency across their entire fleet.

Educate Children, Drivers, and Communities to Create a Safer Future

Education is an important part of the BusPatrol safety program. Unlike traditional traffic enforcement programs, we go beyond just ticketing violators. BusPatrol’s PR and Communications team helps school districts and municipalities implement PSA campaigns, educate drivers on the school bus stopping law in their state, and teach children the safest ways to get on and off the bus.

Our aim is to reduce the number of stop-arm violations from 17 million a year to zero. Whilst this might sound ambitious, almost all (98%) drivers that receive a BusPatrol stop-arm citation do not receive a second. This demonstrates the power our program has to change the driving culture around school buses for good.

Modernizing the School Bus with the BusPatrol Safety Program

In addition to safeguarding every student rider, educating communities, empowering school districts, and changing driver behavior, we also aim to modernize school bus fleets across North America. BusPatrol is a team of technophiles committed to disrupting the student transportation industry through the widespread adoption of safety technology.

We have witnessed cloud-computing and technology shape every sector within transportation in the last decade, from ordering a taxi to tracking packages online. Our goal is to modernize school buses through cloud-connectivity, AI and internet of things (IoT) devices. With advanced safety technology, school transportation officials can improve safety, security and efficiency across their entire fleet.

Our future is safer with BusPatrol. Learn how your school district or municipality can outfit its school buses with advanced technology and benefit from:

  • Cloud-enabled school bus fleet
  • Real-time GPS, telemetry and data
  • Cloud-connected 360° school bus safety cameras
  • GPS and telemetry solutions
  • Stop-arm cameras and improved enforcement
  • Route planning applications
  • COVID-19 mitigation tools
  • And more!

Are you looking for a safety program that offers more than just traffic enforcement?

Get in touch to find out how BusPatrol can help.

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