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In the News: Pennsylvania School Bus Safety Headlines (May 2023)

Steel City Driving Student Safety 

After months of hard work and planning, Pittsburgh Public Schools recently kicked off its school bus stop-arm camera program. 

The program will begin with a roughly 60-day warning period beginning on May 17, and will run until the program officially goes live on July 3, following a robust public awareness campaign launched last August. During the warning period, any motorist who fails to stop for a school bus when its red lights are flashing, and the stop-arm is extended will receive a warning letter in the mail about the violation with no monetary penalty. 

Dr. Wayne N. Walters, Superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools, noted that the upgrades made to the PPS bus fleet will help end the reckless driving habits putting the lives of our students at risk as they enter and exit the school bus. This upgrade includes stop-arm cameras to help communities enforce school bus-stopping laws, which capture the license plates of vehicles that violate these laws. The technology, installation, and maintenance are provided at no cost to the school district or taxpayers. 

With nearly 30 school districts now operational across Pennsylvania, we’re pleased to welcome another school district in our family. 

Pittsburgh Public Schools will launch its safety program this summer.

In Other News

Recently, the Millcreek Township School District contracted with BusPatrol during its May 22 school board meeting, adding another valued partner into the fold. We’re pleased to have them join other school districts in northwestern Pennsylvania including Deer Lakes, McKeesport Area, Warren County and, of course, Pittsburgh Public Schools.   

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