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How BusPatrol’s Technology Can Build a Safer Future

In the last few years, technology has transformed the transportation industry. Vehicles today are equipped with an endless number of features designed to make driving safer and easier.

But what about student transportation?

The school buses that children ride to and from school today look almost identical to the buses that their parents took, and many school bus drivers don’t have access to the modern safety technology that we have become reliant on.

At BusPatrol, we believe this needs to change. We equip school bus fleets with modern, cloud-connected, artificial intelligence-powered technology at no cost to school districts or municipalities. This means that student transport professionals can ensure that children are safe on their journey to and from school.

Read on to find out how BusPatrol is using technology to build a safer future for the next generation.

Educate Drivers that Endanger the Lives of Children

Stop-arm violations are one of the biggest dangers for students traveling to and from school and are an increasing problem in the US and Canada. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, children are most at risk as they are approaching and leaving the bus, and this is largely due to drivers ignoring school bus stop-arms.

Illegally passing a school bus needlessly puts children’s lives at risk. Unfortunately, school bus stopping laws can be difficult to enforce and a number of violations go unreported. Previously, school bus drivers have been left scrambling to note down number plates, while also ensuring that the 50 children on the bus are safe. Stop-arm enforcement technology like BusPatrol’s can make it easier to capture and educate drivers.

Our technology empowers bus drivers and ensures that all violators that needlessly endanger children’s lives receive a penalty. As well as this, the school bus stop-arm safety program has the potential to change driver behavior long term as 98% of first-time violators don’t receive a second school bus camera ticket.

Use Data to Safeguard Students

BusPatrol’s technology enables school districts, student transporters, and municipalities, to collect valuable data to improve student safety. The technology can be used to identify where and when stop-arm violations are most likely to occur. This information means that school districts, student transporters, and municipalities can plan and execute routes that are safe for drivers and students.

Modernizing the School Bus – What is the Technology, and How Does it Safeguard Students?

BusPatrol’s stop-arm software includes an automated violation analysis (AVA) system. AVA continuously monitors school bus activity and ensures that all passengers are safe using cloud-connected cameras.

The stop-arm cameras on the school bus are able to track vehicles up to eight lanes away and provide footage of any violations at a high 4k resolution. Video footage of any violations can be automatically processed and sent to reporting centers to be used in evidence packages.

And the technology doesn’t end there. BusPatrol offers a wide range of solutions to school districts and fleet managers to help improve efficiency and safeguard students. This includes:

This technology means that school districts and municipalities can start to build a safer world for students.

Stop-Arm Enforcement Technology at Zero Cost

School districts and municipalities can equip their entire fleets with this technology at no cost. BusPatrol’s unique business model means that the careless drivers that put children’s lives at risk become the revenue stream. We believe that all students and bus drivers should be able to travel to and from school safely, whatever the cost.

Do you want to learn more about BusPatrol’s school bus stop arm safety program?

Contact us today to find out how you could safeguard students in your school district!

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