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What is a Stop-Arm and Stop-Arm School Bus Camera Footage?

A stop–arm is a piece of mechanical hardware that extends from the driver’s side of a school bus. BusPatrol installs stop-arm cameras mechanically and electronically onto this device. The stop-arm folds neatly into the side of a school bus.

Bus drivers extend the stop-arm to let children get on and off the school bus. Consequently, stop signs act as a warning signal to oncoming traffic in both directions that children are about to cross. Drivers who illegally pass school bus stop-arms are captured on video, and this video is stop-arm camera footage.

What is a Stop-Arm Camera? Why Capture the Footage?

BusPatrol connects additional safety technology to the stop-arm including an automated stop-arm camera. We install equipment seamlessly and connect it wirelessly to our processing centers. The cameras record drivers when they commit a violation by running or passing a school bus stop sign.

Police officers can’t be everywhere at once to discourage bad driver behavior. The camera provides an extension of police powers. BusPatrol helps police build a stop-arm camera video evidence package against the offending driver. Police review the footage and write a ticket. Once the police issue a citation ticket or press charges, the driver who made the violation has a chance to review the footage of their illegal action. Similarly, BusPatrol provides a video portal through which drivers can watch their offense.

Moreover, drivers being prosecuted or ticketed for breaking the law means fewer drivers endangering children in the future, and stoparm camera footage is the best way to make that happen.

How Do Stop-Arm Cameras Make Roads Safer?

Firstly, the camera footage captures drivers who break school bus stopping laws and illegally pass school buses. Secondly, police review the video evidence sent to them. The reviewing officer confirms if the passing is illegal. The administrative authorities then send a ticket to the offender. As a result, 99.8% of drivers who receive a ticket, do not commit another offense near a school bus. This is how BusPatrol stop-arm cameras are changing driving culture. New York recently passed legislation to target this growing problem.

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