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Why Your Entire Fleet Needs To Be Stop-Arm Camera Equipped – Not Just One or Two Buses

Jean Souliere, CEO and Founder of BusPatrol, explains why full-fleet deployment is essential to student safety.

Protecting the lives of students through stop-arm technology

Full-fleet deployment means that every single school bus in the fleet is equipped with the same level of safety technology. Whether it’s cloud-connected cameras, GPS tracking technology, or automated license plate reader (ALPR) solutions, your entire fleet needs to have the right safety technology in order to protect students.

There’s a number of reasons why we believe in full-fleet deployment at BusPatrol, and all of them revolve around safety. How can you ensure that all students in your school district are safe, if only one or two buses are protected with safety technology? Even if 80% of stop-arm violations occur on 20% of routes, 100% of students still deserve to be protected. Equipping 100% of your fleet means protecting 100% of students, and that is and always has been our priority.

A postal code should not determine the level of protection a child receives

Whether a child lives in a rural area where stop-arm violations are a rarity, or an urban area where there is more traffic and therefore more violations, they are entitled to the same level of safety. A postcode should not determine the level of protection a child receives. BusPatrol’s stop-arm camera program aims to protect every school child on their journey to and from school – wherever that journey may be!

Another important benefit to full-fleet deployment is data. If you equip every school bus in a fleet with stop-arm software you will have access to more accurate and valuable data for your school district. You will be able to identify where and when exactly the majority of stop-arm violations occur. You will then be able to use this data to plan and execute routes that offer maximum safety for students.

This means that student transporters will have the power to act proactively and not reactively. Rather than waiting for an incident to occur, we can use data and technology to predict where and when a stop-arm violation or other traffic incident is likely to happen, and potentially save lives.”

Are you ready to put safety first with stop-arm enforcement technology?

Contact BusPatrol to learn more!

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