Stop-Arm Camera Enforcement

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Our Safety Tech Hardware Suite

BusPatrol turns your school bus into a Smart Bus. Our Smart Buses are equipped with video, GPS, telemetry, data processing and archiving. BusPatrol provide more technology means more connectivity, accountability and security. As a result, BusPatrol’s stop-arm camera safety technology enhances and protects the lives of our children.

Most Deployed School Stop-Arm Camera Safety Technology in America

State of the Art Hardware and Software

BusPatrol’s Stop-Arm Camera Safety Technology hardware and software suite can be fully customized to each school district’s individual needs. Furthermore, essential safety features are standard. In addition, BusPatrol offers a range of options allows our partners to build the system you need. Moreover, our in-house experts start with a detailed fleet assessment to help guide you through the process.

With a 4G LTE real-time system, and 2 terabyte DVR drive, the memory is fully customizable and scalable. The bus patrol brain holds 22 days of data and video recording.
Our Automatic Vehicle Locator’s GPS and accelerometer system report live telemetry. All data is logged and archived for reports and analytics.
Smart Buses are equipped with Stop-Arm cameras that monitor up to 8 lanes of traffic. Additional exterior cameras also capture and record the windshield view, passenger loading zone and rear view.
With our simple and powerful citation management platform, Security Staff are able to view the Stop-Arm camera violations from any connected bus. The recorded infractions are sent to law enforcement.

More than just technology

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School Bus camera Weather-proof side mounted Stop-Arm Camera

Stop-Arm Camera Enforcement

Proven to Correct Driver Behavior.


102mm x 23mm x 34mm




Aluminium / Textile / Rubber / Polymer / Foam / Silicone / Nylon


20 - 20,000 Hz

Software Bundle Developed to Improve Operations

Citation Management Software and More!

Industry Leading Application

Our partners benefit from a fully integrated software suite designed from scratch to address citation management and relevant processes related to stop-arm enforcement.

Software Updates and Maintenance

BusPatrol's team of skilled developers and software engineers regularly updates and improves the "BusPatrol OS" - citation management application.