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Three Reasons You Should Opt for a School Bus Stop-Arm Safety Program With Full-Fleet Deployment

At BusPatrol, we believe that every child deserves access to safety technology, not just a percentage. That’s why we are committed to full-fleet deployment and equip entire school bus fleets with our stop-arm enforcement technology.

Traditionally, school districts access stop-arm enforcement technology through one of two ways:

  • Funding and grants to purchase their own equipment
  • Partnering with traffic enforcement companies

These two methods rarely, if ever, result in full-fleet deployment. This is because advanced stop-arm enforcement technology is expensive to install across an entire fleet.

BusPatrol’s unique business model has made it possible for school districts to protect 100% of students at zero cost. We equip every school bus with the same level of advanced technology so that every child is safeguarded as they travel to and from school.

Read on to discover three reasons why you should opt for full-fleet deployment when choosing a school bus safety program.

1.   Full-Fleet Deployment Means That Every Child is Protected

Traditional traffic enforcement companies will often outfit just a small percentage of your school bus fleet, e.g. the 20% of buses and routes that witness the most violations. This is because it is more profitable and will generate more funds through ticketing. However, this leaves the remaining 80% of buses without safety technology and their student riders unprotected.

Every student deserves access to advanced safety technology regardless of their ZIP code. Whether a child lives in a rural area with few stop-arm violations or an urban area with high traffic density, they deserve to arrive at school safely. As part of our safety partnerships, we outfit every single school bus in the communities that we partner with – not just the 20% that witness the most violations.

And this doesn’t just include external stop-arm cameras. Through our partnerships with leading industry vendors such as Zonar, BusPlanner, FirstNet, and Transfinder, we offer entire school bus fleets access to some of the most advanced technology available. These solutions cover fleet maintenance, parent apps, and wireless connectivity, to help you modernize your entire fleet.

2.   Access Accurate Data by Equipping Every School Bus with Stop-Arm Camera Software

It is important to implement a stop-arm camera program across your entire fleet because this will enable you to access accurate and reliable data. For example, do you want to know when the most stop-arm violations occur? Is it in the morning when drivers are rushing to work or in the early evening? Do you want to know which roads and which stops are the most dangerous for children to get on and off the bus? To answer these questions, you need to equip your entire fleet with stop-arm camera software.

BusPatrol empowers school districts to make data-driven decisions by outfitting entire school bus fleets with safety technology. This means that student transportation departments can plan routes that are safer for kids and drivers, and police officers can enhance enforcement efforts at high-risk times and in high-risk zones. In addition, BusPatrol runs PSA campaigns and can target these in areas with high violation rates.

3.   Full-Fleet Deployment is the Only Way to Effectively Change Driver Behavior

The BusPatrol safety program changes the driving culture around school buses for good. In fact, communities that have partnered with BusPatrol have seen a 30% reduction in stop-arm violations, and almost all (98%) first-time violators do not receive a second ticket.

Our program is effective because stop-arm cameras are on every bus, not just a few. In the same way that drivers learn to stop at red lights or highway points where cameras are permanently installed, drivers learn to approach the school bus with caution.

As well as this, by equipping every school bus we are able to measure the change in driver behavior. Drivers can be assigned to different buses that travel different routes, making it difficult to monitor driver behavior. However, by equipping 100% of your fleet you accurately capture and measure the change in driver behavior so that you know your students are safer.

Do you want to protect all the students in your school district at zero cost?

Contact BusPatrol to learn more about our school bus stop-arm safety programs!


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