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IN THE NEWS: New York School Bus Safety Headlines (January 2023)

BusPatrol and our partners have had an incredibly active beginning of 2023. In January, the student safety issue has garnered more awareness thanks to local elected officials, school officials, and our collective effort to change driver behaviors across New York state.

Student Safety Champion of the Month

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy has become a statewide leader and champion for the cause of student safety in New York. 

He recently shared alarming video that showed over 900 cars illegally passing a stopped school bus over a one-month span. As a result of the South Colonie Central School District’s school bus safety program, BusPatrol’s school bus cameras caught 923 drivers illegally passing stopped school buses from November 28 to December 28.

In other news in the Capital Region, we’re pleased to announce that Rensselaer County and Rensselaer City will soon go live with their own school bus safety programs. BusPatrol worked to develop and implement a robust public awareness campaign Rensselaer County. The respective programs will go live at the end of February 2023, following a 30-day education and awareness campaign including road signage, community announcements, and warning letters. 

Driving Change in Westchester

The push for safety around school buses is being driven by the parents and school officials who are fighting for our students. One local school district in Westchester County is leading a campaign to effect change by mobilizing supporters to advocate for stop arm camera programs in their community. After the Hendrick Hudson School District engaged in a pilot program with BusPatrol that captured over 350 vehicles that illegally passed school buses during back-to-school, it decided to act.

The school board is now working with parents to persuade the county to pass legislation to allow school districts like theirs to install safety camera technology to deter reckless driving on and around school buses.

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