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Recap: BusPatrol Tech Hiring Webinar

Earlier this month, we hosted our first ever Tech Hiring Webinar for talented tech workers looking to find their purpose, led by Karen Tyler, our Director of Talent Acquisition.

Over the last few months, there have been significant disruptions and layoffs in the tech sector, affecting thousands of workers across the globe.

At BusPatrol, we are one of the few tech companies experiencing sustainable growth and actively hiring top talent. Our webinar was an opportunity for potential applicants to learn more about BusPatrol, and how they could help make roads safer for children everywhere.

Webinar Recap

What is the BusPatrol Mission?

The webinar started with an introduction to the company from our CEO and Founder, Jean Souliere. Every innovative tech company is created to solve a problem. BusPatrol is on a mission to make the journey to and from school safer for children everywhere by reducing the number of times that vehicles illegally pass stopped school buses.

Student transportation is the largest mass transit system in the US, with more than 550,000 school buses traveling millions of miles each day. Each year, there are almost 17 million illegal passings in the US, putting our children at risk.

BusPatrol is a public safety company born inside a school bus. Our team has innovated using AI and machine learning to automatically identify vehicles that illegally pass stopped school buses. And that’s only the beginning!

Introduction to Matt Farmer, our VP of Engineering

We then heard from Matt Farmer, our VP of Engineering. Matt is one of the founding members of BusPatrol and has been with the company for almost a decade.

Q&A Session with Audience Members

We then opened the floor to questions from our attendees.

What are the engineering challenges the company is facing that we need to hire new people for, from a frontend and backend perspective?


What benefits package and PTO do you offer for US residents?


What do you like about your work?


Watch the full webinar here:

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