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How it Works: Stop-Arm School Bus Camera

1. A Vehicle Illegally Passes a School Bus

BusPatrol cloud-connected, weather and dust-proof cameras capture video as a driver illegally passes a stopped school bus.


2. BusPatrol’s Multi-Angle Camera Box Captures the Violation

The BusPatrol system automatically edits stop-arm school bus camera footage and sends the footage to the AlertBus platform through a secure encrypted network.

Weather-proof side mounted Stop-Arm Camera

3. The Stop-Arm Camera Footage Records to DVR

The system automatically stores stop-arm school bus camera footage in an onboard DVR device. The device is shock-resistant and built for adverse weather conditions.

4. The Stop-Arm School Bus Camera Footage is Uploaded to a Secure Cloud Platform

The footage is uploaded to a secure server facility where police can review the violation evidence.

Where the best stop-arm camera footage BusPatrol server room & bata center

5. A BusPatrol Safety Specialist Reviews the School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Footage

The safety specialist helps to create the evidence package for law enforcement by reviewing the stop-arm school bus camera footage, driver information, weather conditions and time of day.

best stop-arm camera footagebest stop-arm camera footage


6. A BusPatrol Safety Specialist Submits the Stop-Arm Camera footage as Video Evidence to the Police for Review

This is the most important step, BusPatrol aims to deliver the clearest and most concise stop-arm school bus camera footage that will result in a driver correcting their behavior. We help build the evidence package police need to issue a ticket.


best stop-arm camera footagebest stop-arm camera footage


7. Police Review the Footage and Evidence Package From All Angles to Determine a Violation

The police use the stop-arm camera footage to determine if a violation has occurred, and approve the footage.

best stop-arm camera footage


8. Drivers Are Educated, Pay Their Fine and Do Not Repeat Offend

Our data demonstrates that 99.8% of drivers do not recommit an offense. As a result, roads become safer and the driving culture is changed for the better.

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