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Reducing Stop-Arm Violations

at No Cost to Communities

BusPatrol’s AI-enabled stop-arm camera school bus safety program is provided at no cost. This made possible through a violator-funded cost recovery model.

Although the technology exists to make the journey to and from school safer, municipalities and school districts face enormous challenges addressing illegal passing of school buses. These include the cost-effective procurement, deployment and maintenance of safety technology.



Increase safety in your community

Our mission is to transform pupil transportation by creating a system to sustain the safety of children as they travel to and from school. Our AI-Enabled Stop-Arm Camera School Bus Safety Program allows our community partners to make roads safer at no cost. As the leader in school bus safety and enforcement solutions, BusPatrol’s technology and services focus on two closely aligned strategies that we term: “Enforcement” and “Beyond Enforcement.” 

AI-Enabled Stop-Arm Camera School Bus Safety Program provides.
Stop-Arm Camera School


Automated stop-arm enforcement technology

Through data collection and video monitoring, we collaborate with law enforcement to issue citations and reduce stop-arm violations. Our AI-Enabled Stop-Arm Camera School Bus Safety Program solution helps police issue tickets and enforce critical law to change driver behavior.


Seamless Program Management

Rely on our experienced project managers and staff to perform all necessary services required to manage your safety program.

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Change driver behavior for good

98% of Violators Do Not Receive a Second Ticket

Create a culture of awareness and responsibility around school buses and children. 

Our AI-enabled stop-arm camera school bus
safety program educates motorists.