The kids on these buses can’t speak up on their own, we have to be their voices.
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The kids on these buses can’t speak up on their own, we have to be their voices.

Name: Crystal W. | Simon Fraser University


Although becoming aware of all safety precautions on the road is vital prior to becoming a licensed driver, people continue to abuse and disobey the laws that ensure everyone’s safety, in particular, the safety of innocent children.

Everyday, impatient, selfish people drive carelessly, showing no sympathy for others. When these drivers pass stopped school buses that are displaying their stop-arms, they not only endanger themselves, but more importantly, they jeopardize the lives of the innocent children getting on and off the bus. Considering this dangerous action can injure or kill a child, it is an unjustifiable act that seems to occur more frequently.

Although there are many ways to reduce the occurrence of drivers failing to stop for school buses, I believe the most beneficial would be to increase the fines associated with this dangerous driving, further educate the public about the correct rules and possible consequences, and use technology to help reduce these incidents. Employing all 3 approaches would offer the best results in reducing child fatalities on our roads.

As school buses can be one of the safest forms of transportation for children, disobeying the stop-arm law, counteracts the entire safety precautions of taking the school buses. As one who has recently become a new driver, if I were to see someone to pass a school bus when its stop-arm is out, I would undoubtedly report them to legal authorities. I strongly agree with the addition of stop-arm cameras in all buses as well, to further supress and threaten this illegal act against offending drivers. I believe that by educating society further about the consequences of stop-arm violation, it would deter and prevent the number of people breaking such law. From now understanding this massive issue, I will ensure to inform all other young drivers I know, of this catastrophe, to hopefully avoid and spread awareness of this problem.
The kids on these buses can’t speak up on their own, we have to be their voices. All of us have to do our part to ensure the safety of children in our community. Educate your friends, advocate to increase fines and encourage school boards to install more cameras on the buses.

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