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Reducing Stop-Arm Violations

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A Critical Problem
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WATCH Our President, Dave Poirier, discuss how millions of children face unnecessary risks on their way to and from school. The goal of our Stop-Arm camera program is to create a culture of responsibility and awareness on the road. We aim to make the journey to and from school safer.

Dallas County Schools & BusPatrol Agreement

Stop-arm Camera Technology: DCS Students to be Protected

“We are pleased to see this matter settled, we came together as a group and put the kids first” said Jean Souliere, CEO of BusPatrol. “Children’s safety is at the heart of our business. Our World-Class technology is proven to keep children safe both inside and outside the school bus on their journey to and from School. BusPatrol is pleased to have played a role in reaching this resolution, and is excited to returning our undivided attention to building a safer world for students across this great State of Texas.” read more…

This Month's School Bus Safety Report Card

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Equipped Buses
12000  +
Educated Drivers Per Month
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We develop partnerships, deploy Safety Tech and manage all aspects of the program.

Provide the safety benefits without facing the challenges of Stop-Arm camera procurement, deployment, maintenance, coordination with law enforcement, collections and support.




Partnering with BusPatrol means engaging with a company that understands the value of safeguarding your child’s journey. As citizens, parents and teachers we share a common mission to educate and protect our children.
BusPatrol comes with a full suite of Safety Tech. Our technology allows for video recording, closed live-streaming, sensor data collection and emergency alerts. We address major security and safety needs in the transit industry.
Through data collection and video monitoring, we collaborate with law enforcement to reduce Stop-Arm violations. Our solution helps police issue tickets and enforce critical laws. We create a culture of awareness and responsibility by correcting driver behavior (99% of violators do not receive a second ticket).
A ticket is issued to the driver with information related to the incident including video footage of the event. BusPatrol's support centre educates drivers by reviewing the video and laws, in an effort to ensure that behavior will not be repeated. We also develop engaging and entertaining learning tools to help teach our children how to stay safe.

More than just technology

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With our Safety Tech your bus becomes a...

Smart Bus!

Stop-Arm Cameras
Smart Buses are equipped with Stop-Arm cameras that monitor up to 8 lanes of traffic. Additional exterior cameras also capture and record the windshield view, passenger loading zone and rear view. Optional interior cameras allow for passenger, driver, and door-well coverage. Security staff monitor violations and collaborate with police to process evidence and enforce the law.
Data Hub
With a 4G LTE real-time system, and 2 terabyte DVR drive, the memory is fully customizable and scalable. The bus patrol brain holds 22 days of data and video recording.
BusPatrol OS
At BusPatrol we use our own traffic citation management software, BusPatrol OS. With our simple and powerful citation management platform, Security staff are able to view the Stop-Arm camera violations captured from any connected bus. The recorded infractions are sent to law enforcement.
Location Services
Our Automatic Vehicle Locator’s GPS and accelerometer system report live telemetry. All data is logged and archived for reports and analytics. Our real-time alert system uses sensory data to generate instant text or email messages in case of potential distress. These include off-route reporting, high-speed warning and erratic driving alerts.

Reducing Stop-Arm Violations at No Cost.

Although the technology exists to make the journey safer, municipalities, school bus operators and consortiums, face enormous challenges. These include the cost-effective procurement, maintenance and deployment of the necessary Safety Tech hardware. BusPatrol’s seamless solution provides this and more at no cost through a cost-recovery / revenue sharing model.

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We are empowering our partners and communities; making roads safer for our kids.